The Cloud is Inevitable

by Jash Chatterjee

December 03, 2016

If you still have some lingering doubts about moving to the cloud and are also a little concerned about it, here is a non-jargon take that might calm your qualms.

The so called 'Cloud' is nothing but a way to store your data away from your physical location. Yet in the day and age of the internet why should that cause you any concern? Consider the following:

1. You access your bank account online, don't you?

2. You let your credit card be charged for online shopping, right?

3. You store your private details on government servers, correct?

4. You store important private email on gmail, outlook or aol, yes?

Your answer is yes for all of the above because there isn't any other way in the current world. That is where technology has brought us. Just as there was a Stone Age once upon a time so is this the Internet Age, rephrase it to Cloud Age. In the Stone Age they used things made of stone. What do you expect to do in the Cloud Age? Use the Cloud, naturally.

Of course, you might say there is a difference between your personal data and your company's data. There is and there is not.

When I refer to your bank account, I am talking to security concerns. If your bank and credit card can transact online, premier Cloud SaaS companies like NetSuite use the same 128-bit encryption too. Security can't be your main concern about storing on the Cloud.

Now moving on to the very nature of your data. A lot of company data stored by your ERP and CRM applications is simply transactional, boring day-to-day records which are of use only to you because you need to report them, analyse them and act upon them. No one is really interested in it except you.

Competitors may be interested, of course, if you are a threat to them. Well, they can also hire your employees for better perks, can't they?

Are you still concerned about the security of the data center - I mean the place where all the data is stored. I would not give a damn if I were you. I know from my relationship with SaaS vendors like NetSuite that the data is never really stored in one place. So, even if I am able to breach a data center, which I will not because it's really a bomb shelter, and manage to extract some data, I will just get a sequenced mix of data from different companies for which I will never have the algorithm to join in order to make sense.

If you store your data on your own premises, chances are it can be read by your database administrator who knows your business better and may have a reason to be interested. Not so at a faraway server farm in la la land.

Before I drop off, here are few reasons the business Cloud completely changes your life when you first move to it:

1. No installation - down with the disks

2. No more heavy files to lift and store

3. No more back-ups

4. Work any time any where and any device, flexibly

5. No software updates

6. Real-time data visibility, enabling live decision making

There's much more, I only tried to cover the big ones. My point is, open your mind to the Cloud. It is here to stay and it is good for you! Of course, you smart people out there are already on the Cloud and reading this article for "post-purchase-dissonance"quot; reduction. I think I know my audience.