Why Erudita Qualifies for the Best Partner Crown

by Jash Chatterjee

August 27, 2016

Reading an article posted by Craig West, Senior Vice President of Channel Sales, NetSuite at NetSuite blogs just reminded me of why Erudita Cloud Solutions chose to be a NetSuite partner.

Craig mentions these four "keys" that makes NetSuite select its partners.

  1. Competency
  2. Coverage
  3. Client Portfolio
  4. Commitment

Often when I meet NetSuite clients in the UAE I hear key stakeholders complain about NetSuite. Many times what they complain about are reports that should have been customised or better adapted to the reporting needs of the organisation. After the first few minutes I come to a simple conclusion: they are one of the many "implementations gone wrong" cases. Many times I notice new consultants in NetSuite enter customisation blindly, because they know how to create the new objects but they don't know what they are getting the client into. A firm that’s been on NetSuite since 2009 just had an experience trying to go live with a new purchasing system and the programmers wrote functionality that clashed with NetSuite's Multi-Location Inventory. Needless to say, after many wasted hours, they abandoned the new program and called us in for advice.

So, what does Erudita offer in terms of competency? Quite simply we have been in the NetSuite space since 2008 though our headquarters have changed in 2015 and we know exactly what NetSuite can do for you.

And what did Erudita do for coverage? Simple, we have decided to take on the challenge of convincing new and growing companies to move to NetSuite and with it to the Cloud. While NetSuite has made a mark in the UAE already, Erudita would like to bring the "benefit" named NetSuite to small companies struggling with spreadsheets and outdated accounting systems.

Move in, save on IT costs and forget about "Trial Balances". Yes, you read that one right! There are apparently accounting packages still in use where there is a risk that debits won't match credits even though we are 16 years into the new millennium. We see this as a win-win, we get to liberate the stakeholders and their bookkeepers from worrying about the sanctity of their accounting books, save them hours in "closing" periods and at the same time bring NetSuite closer to where it belongs. Meeting clients in the UAE, I still hear questions on whether the "cloud" is safe and if it can work with traditional companies. Well, Erudita is out on a mission to educate and liberate and we will keep going as long as there are companies out there that need to be freed from their unique versions of the "hairball". The hairball is a mix of software apps that companies run their business on and it’s a hairball because no one knows where the latest version of critical data is sitting.

Our clients are virtually selling NetSuite to other businesses. We pride ourselves in sitting back quietly as our clients show off their dashboards, raving about the time they saved and what a nightmare servers were before they moved to NetSuite. A good implementation is Erudita's real PR weapon and we get the implementation right through real commitment.

I don't know if a word heavier or bigger than commitment exists in this world. Yet at Erudita we understand the definition very well. Which is why we would love to share our translation of the word commitment in the scope of an ERP implementation project:

Commitment to our promises - if we said yes when you signed us up, we will do it for you

Commitment to our timelines - if we committed a date, we will do our part on time

Commitment to NetSuite’s technology - we believe in the quality of the NetSuite offering and remain dedicated to upgrading our knowledge and service with every NetSuite upgrade

Commitment to service - we know we are ultimately delivering a service and we don't ever forget it many moons after our clients are live and operating NetSuite as "business as usual"

So, Erudita is right there in all the 4 Cs - Competency, Coverage, Client and Commitment. We know we are game changers for the businesses we work with and we take ourselves very seriously. Thank you, Mr. West for giving us some benchmarks to rate ourselves by.