Why your ERP Installation Needs Maintenance

by Abolo Chatterjee

January 24, 2016

Any organisation is a dynamic place. Things change every day and so do the requirement of systems. Priorities change almost every day based on pressure on different parameters in an organisation. Therefore, without a doubt the ERP can't remain unchanged. The ERP which is the basic system of office has to be tweaked at regular intervals to make it suitable for use at the office. It is not a very difficult task to complete but it does require experienced Consultants to do the job as it involves making changes without disturbing the existing data in the system. This is an easy job but can lead to loss of data if not handled carefully and correctly. ERP Maintenance companies like Erudita Cloud Solutions (a NetSuite Solution Provider) are equipped with right expertise and experienced consultants to handle such a job.

Most basic Maintenance Jobs:

    There are changes in staff periodically in an organisation. Some new people join the organisation while others bid goodbye. Immediately, accesses have to be created for new joiners and the accesses of those who leave have to be archived and their sign in credentials removed. Thankfully, the modern Enterprise Resource Planning software like NetSuite are equipped to handle this situation quite easily, in minutes so to say. Obviously certain precautions have to be taken while creating and removing accounts. While creating an account the personal data of the new employee have to be filled correctly. The access and permission levels have to be decided logically and implemented correctly in the system. If there is an error the employee may not see relevant information or may see a lot more than what is required. Similarly, while blocking or stopping access to a person who has left it has to be done very carefully. A mistake can lead to data loss and if in case some other employee with similar name exists can lead to blocking of log-in credentials of a different person. This will lead to creation of a new account and two sources of information of the same individual. NetSuite Maintenance companies like Erudita Cloud Solutions are equipped to handle such modifications in the system in a secure manner.
  • As mentioned above an organisation is a dynamic place. There are pressures on different parameters at different points of time. Therefore, the basic tools of data tracking like the Reports and Searches also need to be modified; updated or new ones have to be created. Some of these are quite elementary but some involve technical help due to complicated nature and technical expertise involved. NetSuite ERP provides a world of numerous possibilities when it comes to data tracking and reporting. The experts of Erudita Cloud Solutions have a serious expertise in this field. We have been providing services in the field of data tracking for nearly a decade now. Our senior consultants are able to create Reports, Searches and Dashboards which will make life simpler for a planner. After assessing the situations, the consultant offers right kind of data tracking solution. If accepted by the user the solution is delivered within agreed timelines.
  • A third very common kind of modification which is required in the system is tweaking of forms. ERP as such is a data tracking system and with change in the priorities in the organisation certain new items have to tracked and highlighted. Alerts have to be created to warn relevant people if some item requires urgent attention. Similarly, certain items no longer remain relevant and have to be dispensed off to keep the system clean and less confusing. Modern Cloud ERPs were created to make life easy and can handle such changes very easily. However, these changes are to be handled very carefully because all the data in the system is related and modification in one can lead to destruction of data or connected fields meaning a domino effect can follow. These modifications are best left to the in house system administrators or the NetSuite Maintenance companies with knowledge and expertise in this area.
  • Also, connected with the forms are various kinds of printable items. These include the Sales Orders, Purchase orders, Invoices and different kind of inventory slips. They have to be modified adding or removing new fields periodically. Since, they are printable items aesthetics are important along with the legal requirement in most cases.
  • ‘Records’ and ‘Lists’ are backbones of any ERP system. Once in a while new ‘Records’ enter the systems and so is true for ‘lists’. These can be added and removed but again due precautions have to take to prevent any kind of data loss.
  • There are other types of maintenance work involved in upkeep of modern Cloud ERPs. Right at the time of implementation the records from the older system have to be moved into the new system. This can be done manually by entering the data one by one. However, user friendly modern ERPs give you a better option. All the data from the past systems can be updated on sheet and cleaned meaning any error etc. removed and entered into the system automatically in one go or in batches. Cleaning is also required when some of the entered data especially that of prospective and existing customers changes and become redundant. This generally happens when the campaign is sent out and some of the contact information is incorrect. Such information in the system has to be purged.
  • Modern ERPs are complex systems depending on quite a bit of programming done in the background to achieve semi or full automation. Therefore, some of the maintenance work involves coding. Techno-functional consultants of Erudita Cloud Solutions can take care of technical as well the functional jobs on your system end to end. NetSuite is equipped with the facility to automate your system using various types of coding from static type on the webpages to the ultra-dynamic type which works behind the scene on the backend to update the records sometimes thousands in number in a blink of an eye. Some of the coding can drive multiple effects on the system therefore careful consideration and testing beforehand is required. Generous use of “Sandbox” testing environment is advisable. Some of the coding is quite complicated and best handled by the technically trained staff and in house action by staffs is not advisable.
  • Modern ERPs like NetSuite are more often than not connected with the website of the organisation. The websites are updated periodically and therefore may need help of website designers and also help of web integration experts. Some of the NetSuite maintenance companies are experts in this field. They provide end to end services in this area.

All the above might sound a little cumbersome in terms of maintenance but actually leads to major streamlining of the business processes in the organisation. The accountability of the staffs is enhanced and early warning systems make it easy for the business planners. These maintenance works are handled end to end by the vendors like Erudita Cloud Solutions without much hassle. All the organisation needs to do then is to concentrate on their core business, logistics happen on ERP supported by the trained staff of maintenance service provider companies like Erudita Cloud Solutions.