Maintenance and Support

No matter how good your first implementation was, the business environment is changing at a mind boggling pace because of changes in technology, business regulations, etc. A gap is quickly created between your original implementation and your business processes. To bridge this gap you need to work with a team of experts who can move your instance of NetSuite in line with what has changed in your business environment.

If ERP is not kept up to date spreadsheets and the personnel maintaining them will add up to lost productivity and error prone data. In this process your business loses the agility it needs to quickly respond to the environment. Loss of agility really means you are losing out to competition because business now happens over social media and phone. Competition swoops in on your clients by the time you complete your analysis.

As your business grows and changes and responds to the environment, you are also innovating on business process that enhance productivity. Like on-premise softwares, lack of knowledge of the NetSuite platform and the enhancements continually being made to it can strap you to your old processes or result in your working outside NetSuite to get key data. Erudita Cloud Solutions are invested into their knowledge of your business processes and an up-to-date awareness of NetSuite upgrades and upcoming enhancements which allows us to consult you to taking full advantage of the flexibility of the NetSuite platform.

Our maintenance and support services include:

  • SLA based Support
  • Full Administration
  • Technical Administration and Maintenance
  • Code Upgrading and Optimisation
  • Business Process Change Consulting