Erudita Cloud Solutions

We live our beliefs

Our Journey


Erudita as a concept was born in 2008 when our founders unchained themselves from corporate moorings and decided to go solo. Having spent time working for large software companies they saw the need to offer agile services to customers saving them from hours of running around trying to get hold of the right person and the pain of being stereotyped.

We have since delivered ERP and CRM solutions to companies small and big around the world. We follow the sun round the world as our clients start working in different continents every morning. In 2015, after years of offshore consulting to the UAE, we decided to shift base to the UAE where we are now headquartered.

Cliché as it may sound - Erudita is different. We are not just another software consultancy, nor are we resellers posing as consultants. We are solutionists. We are sensitive to our role as game changers and we are aware of the transformation ERP and CRM, especially the post-modern ones we offer, bring to our customers and therefore are never too proud to listen to our customers and never sure enough to pull out templates before hearing our customers' story. Every time one of our clients go live with our solution, we feel the same satisfaction at seeing a company reborn as we nimbly step into the next boardroom.

Our Values


Our Mission is to transform companies by optimising business processes and improving workforce productivity while delivering significant long-term value and measurable near-term cost savings.

In keeping with our mission, we invest significantly in training our staff on domain specific business knowledge and develop specialist leads for significant verticals.

Our Vision is to be thought leaders in ERP and CRM consultancy the world over, while sustaining the human touch in business dealings.

In keeping with our vision, we encourage our teams to research into technology and understanding of business processes.

Our founders feel strongly about social and evironmental causes. To honour their personal missions Erudita donates professional expertise to not-for-profit organizations in Africa. We also offer services at significantly discounted rates to social entrepreneurs across the world.

Our Team


Jashomati Chatterjee is in-charge of business growth at Erudita Cloud Solutions. A die-hard networker with a keen sense of business goals, Jashomati has the knack of sensing the unsaid where client needs are concerned. Jashomati has wide experience in the realm of software sales and has been on the sales teams of several MNCs during her career. She is the force behind Erudita and shapes the service delivery and solution design packages in tune with the current changes in the world of business.

Jashodhara 'Jash' Chatterjee is the visionary behind Erudita Cloud Solutions. She has been associated with NetSuite CRM and ERP implementations since 2006, first as a member of the NetSuite implementation team and later working independently. A consultant with a difference, Jash prides herself in her integrity and service ethics. She is a subject matter expert on NetSuite, bpm'online, business analysis, data structures, accountancy and more. She holds an MBA degree in Finance.

Other Erudita team members bring a broad range of skills to your service. Our team constitutes Project Managers, Consultants, Software Engineers, Data Specialists and Web Developers from UAE, India, UK and US.